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SSHBridge auxiliary program

SSHBRIDGE is an auxiliary program that allows to provide secure communications SSHv2 to your Windows applications of extremely simple way.

Today is very convenient to leave the network communication techniques based on plain text, such as TELNET protocol, for encrypted communications using the standard SSHv2. On the other hand, this new protocol is very complex to implement and provide this new functionality to your applications already developed is a job really hard to do.

SSHBRIDGE offers the possibility of using this new communication system without changing your programs. It runs as an auxiliary program that serves as a bridge TCP-SSH. If launched with the parameter “/silent”, runs hidden and can not be handled by the user from the Windows programs bar. Otherwise displays a window showing the TCP and SSH listened ports and the number of active connections for each of them.

This software is freeware and you are completely free to use it privately or commercially. Hidden execution mode is not operational in unregistered copies and in the window of the program is indicated that fact. To use this mode of execution, hiding to the end user the existence of this auxiliary program, you should contact the author of the program by sending an email to: info@ingelek.com and make a donation of 30 € (payment via Paypal).

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